Women in Leadership

We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for

This is an old Hopi Native American saying and one of my favourite quotes.

It whispers to us that we don’t need to wait for something or someone outside of ourselves in order to live our best lives.

Too often we wait for the perfect moment to make a change we’ve talked about forever. We wait until things ‘calm down a bit’ before we make time for ourselves.

We wait for our annual holidays to take a break from the relentless pace of our work & social lives.

We tell ourselves that one day we’ll slow down, learn to meditate, or cut back on that habit we know isn’t serving us.

We’ll wait until we have a magical windfall before we invest in our growth, or we’ll wait for our employer to do it for us.

However, when we step fully into our lives & take steps toward the change we want to make, then we’re no longer waiting. No longer passive. We’re actively creating the future we want.

It’s up to you to create the life you want. It can be helpful to seek out a teacher, mentor or coach to support you & hold you accountable, but you need to be prepared to roll up your sleeves & do the work. 

The time for waiting is over. The time for action is now.

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