Woman feeling tired and overwhelmed

Overworked & overwhelmed

Have you noticed there’s a common theme these days when you ask people how they are?

You can almost guarantee the answer will include the words “really busy”.
Followed closely by “tired”.
Somewhere in there you might also hear;
stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, wired, never feeling like there’s enough time, distracted, overworked…

Sound familiar?
People constantly complain about how busy they are.
How difficult it is to fall asleep, and stay asleep.
How a low level of anxiety always seems to be running in the background.
How there’s never enough time to think, to breathe, to just be.
Have you noticed it’s getting harder & harder to do nothing? To allow ourselves to be bored? To do one thing at a time? If we have a moment to ourselves, we usually spend it looking at our phones.
Take a moment to look around next time you’re waiting for your morning coffee.

Everywhere you look someone (if not everyone) who is alone, is on their phone.
Our world today has almost limitless connectivity. You’re only ever a click away from your email & social feeds.
And whether we like it or not, we pay a price for this constant state of distraction.
Our brains have not evolved much in the last few thousand years. We’re not equipped to process all the information we consume on a daily basis.
Our minds need time to be quiet.
Without rest we can’t be creative, we can’t be innovative & our wellbeing becomes seriously compromised.
Attention, distraction & energy are recurring themes in my work with leaders. To thrive at work & in life we need be disciplined with our attention & focus on the right things.
We need to put ourselves back in control, not our devices.

When we take steps to reduce overwhelm we boost our energy, creativity & happiness.

It is possible to break the cycle.

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