“I really regret that meditation.”– No one, ever

We teach a simple, effortless, effective meditation technique called Vedic Meditation that calms the nervous system & releases fatigue. In just 3 sessions this life-changing technique will equip you with everything you need to meditate on your own for the rest of your life. No ongoing classes required. 


To practice Vedic Meditation, you sit comfortably in a chair with your back supported and your eyes closed. You allow your mind to settle by using the sound of a mantra given to you by your teacher. It is a simple, effortless and easy to learn  technique that was developed for people just like you. That means, people with busy lives & busy minds. People with jobs, relationships and commitments. It’s meditation you can integrate immediately into your life, no ongoing classes required.  


In our practice we close our eyes for 20 minutes, ideally twice a day, once in the morning and once in the early evening. Noise is no barrier, we have been known to meditate on the train and on early morning flights! You don’t need to assume a strange position on a mat, listen to an app or soothing spa music or be in a silent room.  


If you’ve tried to meditate in the past with mixed success and feel as though you have “too many thoughts” to meditate then you are a perfect candidate for this technique. You don’t have to try to stop thinking or try to sit still. It is impossible for the mind to stop thinking thoughts, but by using a mantra in meditation we allow the mind to settle down to a quieter state and we allow the body to enter a deep state of rest, releasing years of built-up tension & fatigue. 


We meditate to be more effective, conscious, compassionate, creative and calm when our eyes are open. This is the purpose of meditation. 



Our meditation program runs over 2 days. All sessions are taught in person at our beautiful studio on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, or we can come to you.


SESSION 1  Receive your mantra & learn the technique 

SESSION 2   The principles of meditation; tools and techniques, how to effortlessly allow the mind to settle 

SESSION 3  Detoxing your mind & body of stress, tension and fatigue & integrating meditation into your life 



Meditation has been shown to: 


✔  Reduce Stress 

✔  Lower stress response 

✔  Induce relaxation & a sense of calm 

✔  Regulate emotions 

✔  Build resilience 

✔  Reduce anxiety 

✔  Calm the nervous system 

✔  Boost creativity 

✔  Improve brain function 

✔  Improve sleep 

✔  Improve memory & concentration 

✔  Increase productivity, focus & flow 

✔  Reduce distraction 

✔  Improve immunity 

✔  Increase self-acceptance 

✔  Increase feelings of wellbeing & happiness 

✔  Increase energy 

✔  Slow the ageing process 

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