Wellbeing Coaching

“Calm is a Superpower”

Are you tired of being tired all the time? Are you worried you’re on the way to adrenal fatigue or worse, burn out? Do you have trouble sleeping? Are you constantly irritable or tense? Is being stressed all the time stressing you out? Do you feel overwhelmed and just plain over it? 


The research is clear, if we do not take an active role in significantly reducing stress and improving the way we respond to stress the chances are very high that we will develop some serious health concerns. In fact, it is now estimated that over 90% of all diseases are caused by stress. 


The reality is, it’s not the stress itself that’s the problem. It’s how we respond to it. 


Our Wellbeing program focuses on building resilience, developing a growth mindset, building self-awareness, practising gratitude, improving how you respond to stress & learning a range of simple mindfulness techniques. We also introduce you to the benefits of meditation, so you can live your optimum life with more presence, gratitude and flow. 


If you want to go deeper, our Meditation program is an optional add-on that will enable you to manage anxiety & stress, release years of tension & fatigue & increase creativity, productivity, focus & flow.   


Every coaching program is different and is completely customized to your needs and the areas you most want to focus on, however, it may include some, or all, of the following: 

✔  Set boundaries & manage your energy 

✔  Develop tools & techniques to cope with stress 

✔  Understand your strengths

✔  Develop resilience & grit 

✔  Create a personal resilience plan 

✔  Develop emotional intelligence 

✔  Learn to cultivate positive emotions 

✔  Develop a growth mindset 

✔  Develop greater self-awareness & compassion 

✔  Cultivate a gratitude practice 

✔  Build a strong personal foundation 

✔  Find purpose & meaning 

✔ Develop creativity, focus & flow 

✔  Develop self-confidence 

✔  Cultivate self-acceptance 



Program Inclusions: 


✔  Pre-coaching CAPP Strengths survey, coaching preparation form & personal foundation questionnaire 

✔  30 minute strategy session 

✔  3 x 60 minute coaching sessions  

✔  Email check-in between sessions 

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