Executive & Personal Coaching

Do you want to: 

✔️ Feel less overwhelmed 

✔️ Cope better with stress 

✔️ Have more energy 

✔️ Find purpose & meaning

✔️ Develop leadership capability 

✔️ Be more productive & engaged 

✔️ Lead with presence & mindfulness

✔️ Develop emotional intelligence & resilience

✔️ Build your confidence & get over imposter syndrome

✔️ Find more satisfaction in your work & life

We’ll help you create a life & career you’ll love.

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Executive Coaching

If you are a leader in the modern workplace it is essential you manage your energy, cope with stress, engage positive emotions and are resilient in the face of constant change. Our Executive Coaching Program focuses on identifying and leveraging your unique strengths and increasing self-awareness, clarity & focus, making you a happier, more effective & engaged leader.

Career Coaching

Identify your unique strengths, clarify your WHY and set your direction to create a career you love. Our Career Coaching Program will help you get clear, build a plan and put it into action. You will build self-confidence, recognize the blocks that are holding you back and move forward with clarity & purpose. Mondays will never be the same again!

Wellbeing Coaching

Are you tired of being tired all the time, or worried you’re on the way to adrenal fatigue or worse, burn out? Is being stressed all the time stressing you out? Do you feel overwhelmed and just plain over it? Our Wellbeing programs focus on building resilience, improving how you respond to stress & introduce simple mindfulness practices so you can live your optimum life with more presence, gratitude and flow.

Workplace Programs

Stress has been called the health epidemic of the 21st century. It's costing our economy billions in lost productivity and employee disengagement. Our custom workplace programs have been developed to give you practical tools to create lasting change. We give you focused strategies to reduce stress, increase focus & resilience, build new habits and increase energy & creativity.

Learn to Meditate

Meditation has been shown to build resilience, reduce anxiety, lower stress, boost creativity and improve sleep, memory and concentration. We teach a simple, effortless, effective meditation technique called Vedic Meditation that calms the nervous system & releases fatigue. In just 3 sessions this life changing technique will equip you with everything you need to meditate on your own for the rest of your life. No ongoing classes required.


We run 1 day masterclasses and weekend workshops throughout the year, focused on developing resilience, building emotional intelligence and learning mindfulness techniques to reduce stress & improve wellbeing.

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